Youth work and working from home, these are two things that I would never have put together. However, this is where I, and many others in the same field, currently find ourselves. I chose a profession that is very person orientated, one that requires a lot of care, compassion, empathy, patience and energy. It’s certainly not a role that I’d associate with feeling lonely, disconnected or powerless but these are some of the thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced since LYP has adjusted its youth work operations during lockdown. I know I’m not the only one to have felt this way, we have all had to be resilient and flexible in the way we work.

As you know, these unique challenges have become part of life during lockdown, and I don’t mean to make anyone reading this feel at all sad but I wanted to be open and honest with you about how this has felt as a youth worker! Fear not though as it hasn’t all been hard going. The way the team have adapted to the Covid-19 situation has been amazing! And having reduced contact time in some areas of my role has led me to be part of something new and amazing.

LYP have been supporting the Mid Surrey Community Fridge with AllSaints Coffee Shop becoming a hub. This enables us to help deliver much needed food bags to people who have been hit the hardest. I have been working alongside my colleagues and volunteers from all walks of life, all pulling together to serve our community! Being part of this operation (for at times it feels like a military operation) has really helped me to re-adjust to a different way of working.

The youth work team have also been working closely to provide content for our young people to access. This ranges from Instagram Live quizzes to youth workers making calls to young people who have asked for a little extra support. I couldn’t be prouder of the team, they have all stepped up and are providing valuable support.

Well there you have it, that’s just a little insight into how, as a youth worker, I am coping and dealing with working during a pandemic.

Big Love,

Mikey Dicken – Senior Youth Worker and Leatherhead Lead