During the first lockdown, we asked young people how they were feeling. 44% told us they were lonely, 1 in 2 said their mental health was being negatively affected by the global pandemic and half said they were anxious about what the future holds.

In the autumn we saw a colossal 430% increase in demand for key work support, stretching our team to capacity.

Then in the winter we witnessed a 200% increase in need for counselling, receiving 3 months’ worth of referrals in one day.

Those struggles born in lockdown are growing at an exponential rate.

With young people out of school again, we are now anticipating further demand on all our services. The pressure is at an all-time high and we cannot do this alone.

We need your help now more than ever.

As we move into 2021, will you help us to bring hope to the lives of local young people like Jake?

‘Lockdown has been really hard for me. Being left alone with my thoughts I found myself slipping into more and more harmful behaviours. It’s really difficult to ignore a voice that is constantly questioning your self-worth.’ Jake, 16

The World Health Organisation recognises the devastating impact that COVID-19 is having on access to mental health services, which when coupled with the chronic underfunding of services shows the urgent need for increased funding.

By giving a one-off donation today, you can directly help young people like Jake to get support and find hope. Will you join us?

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