As part of our summer programme, new Bookham youth worker, Jenny teamed up with Bookham Baptist Church (BBC) for an exciting week at Soul Survivor! This was the perfect opportunity for Jenny to work together with key partner BBC and take a group of 42 young people from both BBC and BYouth, for a great week away! 

Soul Survivor is a Christian camp which runs every summer at numerous sites across the country. There was a lot of excitement around this years event as it was the penultimate year of the festival, as next year will be the last one ever! Every year, thousands of young people from around the country meet together to worship and pray together, with talks twice a day from inspiring speakers. This year’s talks focused on our relationships with other people and the response from our own young people was brilliant to see. On the final evening the fancy dress theme was emojis, which included one of our leaders dressing up in an inflatable poop costume, which he then also wore to worship in. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together and there was a lot of laughter (especially during the dress up). 

During the day there were plenty of people to meet, games to play and activities to take part in. Seven of our group also completed the annual Fun Run, one finishing in the top ten. In addition to the busy schedule, all of our young people helped on different days to prepare and serve the food for the rest of our camp, clearing away and washing up afterwards in their teams. On top of this of course, everyone needed to make time to queue for their shower, with plans made to go at the quietest times of day! 

Every evening there was a different event, including a silent disco and a bonfire, bringing all the groups together, which our young people loved. Alternatively, there was a movie showing each evening, finishing with The Greatest Showman on the last night. As usual, the food court and the toolshed were popular throughout the day, and back at our campsite we had plenty of treats, homemade cakes and hot drinks for the evenings!

Everyone had an amazing week away and we’re looking forward to the final Soul Survivor next Summer!