Mental Health Awareness Week is from 15th – 21st May and this years theme is anxiety.

Since the launch of our Counselling and Emotional Well-Being service back in 2015, anxiety has remained one of the top three reasons young people have been referred to us for one to one support.

Anxiety is a mental and physical reaction to perceived threats. It is one of the most common mental health problems people can face with symptoms ranging from dizziness and stomach aches to uncontrollable feelings of worry and intrusive thoughts. The physical and mental symptoms are vast and can affect individuals differently. In young people anxiety often affects school attendance, their ability to socialise and can impact their core relationships negatively. 

As a counselling and emotional well-being provider, our focus is on hearing and supporting young people struggling with anxiety. This can sometimes look like helping them understand the flight or fight response and at other times developing coping mechanisms to manage panic attacks. We continue to actively work across Mole Valley and beyond, supporting young people and helping them find a way forward with anxiety.

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