Meet the Team

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Jude Crome


Jude is our CEO and has worked with young people in Leatherhead since 2008. She worked as a youth worker before qualifying as a Counsellor in 2010. In 2020 she stepped into the role of CEO. Having grown up locally Jude is passionate about supporting local young people.

Fun Fact: Jude has performed at Wembley Arena & Wembley Stadium.

Alex Ball


Alex has been working with young people since 2007, providing youth work, launching the North Leatherhead United football club, and delivering relational youth work projects. Alex is currently part of our Counselling and Emotional Well-Being team, and completed his Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2018.

Fun Fact: Alex has been to Romania sixteen times.

Aura Trebble

Counselling and Emotional Wellbeing Team Manager

Aura joined the LYP team in January 2016 as part of our Counselling and Emotional Well-Being team. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Counselling Skills and Theology. Aura previously worked as a Centre Manager for a local charity and as an Event Manager for a church. She also grew up locally having been to Therfield for school and sixth form.

Fun Fact: Aura held a Guinness World Record for all of two weeks.

Mikey Dicken

Senior Youth Worker – Leatherhead Lead

Mikey moved to Leatherhead in 2015. He has worked as a Learning Support assistant in secondary schools and a sixth form college specialising in supporting students with autism and asperger’s. Mikey has completed his Level 3 qualification in Counselling and now heads up our Key Work project amongst others, building upon the experience he has gathered.

Fun Fact: Mikey lived and worked as a youth worker in Japan for 3 months.

Dave Tearall

Funding and Administration Officer

Dave has been involved with LYP in a number of guises since the very early days, starting as a parent when one of his daughters attended projects. In 2009 he then became a volunteer at Triumph AM. Throughout this time Dave was working for one of the major UK banks and after taking early retirement in 2012, he joined the LYP board as Finance Director for a number of years. In 2018 Dave was asked to take on the new role of Funding and Administration officer and so became an employee.

Fun Fact: The only role Dave hasn’t had at LYP is that of a young person as he was over 40 when LYP’s work started!

Jenny Coffin

Community Youth Worker – Bookham Lead

Jenny joined LYP in 2018 and is responsible for running BYouth and our other collective projects in Bookham. Having grown up locally, Jenny also went to Therfield. Before joining LYP, she completed a degree in ‘Applied Theology with Youth and Community Work’, and also completed two gaps years working with young people in Ashtead and Cape Town. She enjoys getting to know the young people in Bookham, seeing them grow and become more empowered to shape their futures.

Fun Fact: Jenny has travelled around South Africa on a Harley.

Hope Bancroft

Community Youth Worker

Hope joined LYP in 2019, having worked previously at The Eikon Charity as a Youth and Early Help Worker, in Surrey Heath. She moved to Surrey in 2018 after completing her degree in ‘Applied Theology and Youth and Community Work’ and getting married! She has also has a qualification in Specialist Make-up for TV and Film. Since coming to LYP, Hope has enjoyed getting to know the young people and watching them grow confidence and self-esteem and hopes to see that continue.

Fun Fact: Hope has dual citizenship for the UK and Canada.

Adam Brown

Community Youth Worker

Adam joined the LYP team in 2022 after working in a church, as a youth worker, for 5 years. Adam is originally from Essex and has a degree in “Applied Theology and Youth and Community Work”, having graduated in 2017. He loves encouraging young people and trying to be a positive voice in their lives. He has a passion for seeing young people grow in themselves and confidence.

Fun fact: Adam flew a glider solo when he was 16 years old.

Dani Ball

Emotional Well-Being Practitioner

Dani joined LYP as an Emotional Well-Being Practitioner in the summer of 2021. She initially started working with children in 2009, before shifting her work towards young people and adolescents in 2013. Her work has seen her in classroom support roles and as a youth worker for her church, she is also married and a mum of three. She cares deeply about the mental health and well-being of young people. Dani has completed her Level 2 in Counselling Skills and is working towards her Level 3 qualification.

Fun Fact: Dani used to do Irish dancing

Charis Jenkins

Bookham Sessional Worker

Charis grew up in Bookham and attended the youth group at St Nicolas Church, and went to The Howard. Since then she has worked for a Christian outdoor activity centre, running activities and camps for children and young people, as well as helping at church youth groups and working in a Forest School nursery. Charis started volunteering at LYP and is now doing a degree in Applied Theology with Youth and Community Work. Charis loves getting to know the young people she is working with and seeing them have fun with their friends.

Fun Fact: Charis canoed 127 miles down the River Thames.

Laura Dicken

16+ Provision Lead/Marketing and Community Fundraiser

Laura was a long-standing volunteer with LYP, helping at Girls Group and Freestyle residentials. In September 2020 Laura became the AllSaints Coffee Shop Manager, helping to support young people transition into the workplace. When the coffee shop closed Laura joined LYP in January 2022 as Project Development Lead to research what support 16+ year olds need as they leave school. Laura is passionate about supporting young adults, helping them to build their confidence and empowering them to discover what they want for their future.

Fun fact: Laura drove up an active volcano in New Zealand

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