Last weekend we went Into The Wild again! We took a group of 12 young people who were all up for the challenge. This time we had an all girls group, which was super fun. The young people walked a total of 14k over the two days, including a full day trek and a lighter stroll on the Sunday morning! As we completed our Into the Wild experience young people kept journals, writing down what they noticed in the forest, as well as their own thoughts and feelings from the day.

At the end of the day we made camp and set up for the night, with young people putting up their own hammocks and making themselves as comfortable as they could! We made a fire, cooked dinner and went on a night walk to see the stars!

The photo below is a shot of our ‘silent walk’ at the beginning of our trek on Saturday, which involved us walking through the forest trying to take in all the sounds and smells of the forest. It’s a real opportunity to drink in just how relaxing the forest can be and notice things that we might otherwise miss!

Well done to all the young people involved, and a massive shout out to the young leaders who led the groups. Inspiring.